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OM GURU ( In previous birth he was Jangli Maharaj )

Janglidas Maharaj as OM GURU in 2nd birth
Janglidas Maharaj as OM GURU


Omgurudev was born in Bombay, in the state of Maharashtra. He was an unusual boy since early childhood. He was fascinated by saints and their spiritual teachings, and that is why he tried to meditate himself. His parents feared that their son might leave them in search of spiritual knowledge; when away from home, they locked him in his room. At that time, young Janglidas lived with his family on the outskirts of Bombay, and the nearest temple was a Portuguese church. He often sneaked away from home to pray before a tall crucifix of the suffering Christ, where he often sank into deep, many hours long meditations, from which his parents, upset by the long search for their son, had to rouse him.

One day, when Janglidas was nine, he felt the Supreme Power pull his soul out from his body through the subtle opening at the top of his head, called brahmarandra. The boy experienced the Vishwatmak darshan, which is a vision of the Highest One, Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj – he then took the name of Janglidas that is Jangli’s servant. He has been using this name ever since.

When Janglidas was sixteen, he went to Bhamburde (near Puna). A saint by the name of Tekawadekar Maharaj lived there, a disciple of Jangli Maharaj in a former life. In that life Jangli Maharaj told Tekawadekar that he would recognize him by a certain special gesture (swastika-mudra). When Janglidas appeared before Tekawadekar and made this gesture, the disciple recognized in Janglidas his old-time guru.

Janglidas received his initiation and was given the Guru mantra (a traditional mantra passed from the guru to the disciple in the line of his Masters). Next, he was sent to the town of Yeola – the same town in the Nasik District where Swami Muktananda had meditated before he settled down in Ganeshpuri. It was in Yeola, too, where a saint by the name of Somgiri Maharaj went into sanjivan samadhi. Janglidas started an intensive spiritual discipline there. Among other things, he stayed in a walled-up room, without any food and water. Afterwards he set off on a pilgrimage, walking around India, giving advice and blessing thousands of people.

Omgurudev (Janglidas is called by this name, too) began the work of the restoration of temples. The first one was an old temple at Divshi (in the Satara District), then other temples followed. Janglidas also founded many schools, where the standard education program was expanded by yoga classes, meditation and applied ethics based on universal values. Furthermore, to help the sick and the suffering, a medical clinic was opened on his initiative. Among other things, blood-giving actions are organized there on a regular basis, free medical consultations, and so on. Also, from the time when his first ashram was opened, charity work has been carried on there, and every visitor can have some food in the ashram kitchen. Five to ten hundred free meals are given here every day.

Thousands of devotees gather for satsangs, which are meetings with the Guru. In Janglidas Maharaj’ ashrams and schools no symbols of any religion can be seen. No elaborate rituals or ceremonies are held. Many outstanding yogis and yoginis are Omgurudev’s disciples, for example Dharmananda Maharaj, Jagat Mata and Bharat Mata. The teaching of Omgurudev is relatively simple: you should keep your mind concentrated through unceasingly repeating the mantra given by the Guru and contemplating the nature of the Self (atma chintan).

Nowadays dozens of thousands of devotees in all major cities of India cannot wait for the visit of this small, silent saint. They meditate and put his message into life.

One who seeks me in the Heart attains me.

O m G u r u d e v !

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Unknown said...

How do we know he was reincarnation of Janglidas Maharaj? What proof is there? Just because someone says he / she is reincarnation of someone hardly proves anything - or else I am reincarnation of Upasani maharaj...

What was birthname of this Om Gurudev? When was he born and when did he die?

Waiting for answers

- Jakki

Anonymous said...

Jakki, I am not sure which country you are from or what religion you are, 1st u must understand that Hinduism is the most advanced and oldest religion in the world. So many things can't be explained but it had been achieved.

Even before NASA, Hindu saints had achieved or attaint superpower. Now many Hindu teachings are being used in the whole world, then other religions.


Can you explain this?

Unknown said...

He is a saint to teach peace for everyone and to make awaken everyone's soul he is master in that level BCS he knw all kind of awakening process he is a definetly a meditation master I experienced many things abt him I lived in his ashram for some months and I realized many things abt him

Bud Barber said...

While being in Gurudevs' presence I cannot help but enter into samadhi. He is a true master and can teach the highest truth without even uttering a single word.

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to say some Hindus have become nothing different than Islamic Jihadis. Left aside all the rational thoughts behind how to live life and now believing in all the bullshit that is being fed by gurus. Please learn about the real Hinduism and stop propagating all this bullshit which actually doesn't help anyone.

You are no different than a brainwashed jihadi. Shame on you. And I'll tell how this brainwashing happens because I have seen this happen for Jangli Baba followers in person. All the time they hear "Baba did this", "Baba did that", "He did this miracle" and over the years, you start believing in all this. This is exactly how jihadi terrorists are brainwashed. Over the years they are taught Islam is the best, everyone else should be killed and eventually, they start believing in it.

Advice for you: seek an outsider perspective. How crazy all this is, is clear only to an outsider. To you, it all seems normal because you have been brainwashed over the years and you cannot think clearly about it. I know Baba has directly harmed someone I know by giving harmful advice on health problems. What he is doing is harming real people.

Unknown said...

He neither brain wash anyone nor he impose his view on someone. He is not like other babas superstitious type. You know nothing about him. So it is better for you to keep your hate to yourself.

Unknown said...

What is om gurudev's age

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jakki ur question answers will get in meditation if u have penchant !

Anonymous said...

Before talking about om gurudev baba, before being judgemental, do a favour to yourself...close your eyes and meditate for atleast 5 minutes..