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JAGAT MATA ( A disciple of OM GURU - Jangli Maharaj )

                       J A G A T   M A T A  
Born : 1941

Jagat Mata was born in 1941 at Karadga, a large village situated in the south of the Maharashtra state, a few kilometres from its border with Karnataka. About 1822 a great saint, Jangli Maharaj, came to live in this village for 7 years. He founded one of his major ashrams there. The ashram is filled with his spiritual energy up to the present day.

Jagat Mata is one of the first disciples of Omgurudev. Initially she lived a normal life of a married country woman. However, quite early in her life she started to have a visions of Omgurudev, whom she met only after many years. Jagat Mata has two sons who now have their own families and live in Karadga. When Jagat Mata moved to the ashram for good, her husband became a sadhu, too, and started to live in Janglidas’ ashrams.

In the early eighties Jagat Mata, together with other matas, began practising Panchiagni tapasya (the ceremony of five fires). During her sadhana she underwent many ceremonies of five fires (Panchiagni). Nowadays she stays in the main ashram at Kokamthan, where she meets (at darshans) many devotees of her guru, Janglidas Maharaj, and practices very deep meditations (samadhi). Together with Omgurudev and other disciples, she goes to all satsangs, where often thousands of devotees gather.

Jagat Mata conducts many other sublime activities, such as educational work.. She organizes, among other things, meetings for married women. These are very colorful ceremonies, where women attempt to see positive qualities in their husbands’ personalities and to expose them in front of other participants. The effects of these activities cannot be overestimated, as thanks to them families live in great harmony.

The ceremonies presented at the ashram are part of old Indian tradition and culture. They astound us with their up-to-date value, depth and wisdom. The Western psychology expressed them, relatively recently, in the form of the positive thinking theory.

Living on the grounds of the Kokamtham ashram, Jagat Mata stays among the students of Gurukula. Her daily presence among the young people, as well as her presence at the school ceremonies, has a very positive influence on them.

Jagat Mata’s family (two sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren), who live in Karadga, visit her at the ashram. Jagat Mata speaks about these visits quite willingly and in a very beautiful way, making the truth about the role of the woman–mother more evident. Watching her activities, one can realise the edifying truth, that sainthood is available also for those who perform the so-called common family duties.

All who visit Jagat Mata can feel the great power of her meditation, even after a short stay in this yogini’s presence.

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