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                     JANGLI   MAHARAJ
Born : 1806
Passed Away : 1890

Vishwatmak Gurudev, known as Jangli Maharaj, was sent into incarnation by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha (the main Gods of Hinduism) as the embodiment of universal power. Jangli Maharaj was unusually tall (more than seven feet), of athletic build, and very strong. He was a hatha yoga expert and an invincible kusti (Indian wrestling) competitor. As a young man he liked to show off his yogic powers and used them against ordinary people.

It is believed that he was born in the state of Baroda (Vadodara of present day Gujarat)

One day, while walking through the town of Akkalkot, situated in the eastern part of the Maharashtra state, near Solapur, Vishwatmak Gurudev heard about Swami Samarth and decided to use some of his “black magic” against him. Swami Samarth from Akkalkot, who was one of the greatest spiritual masters of India of all times (he is thought to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Dattatreya), sensed this immediately. He only laughed at Vishwatmak Gurudev’s efforts and asked the people present, how such trivial “magic trick” could possibly harm him. Jangli Maharaj quickly learned that Swami Samarth had laughed at his yogic powers, and was very surprised that they had not worked this time. His failure made him decide to personally meet Swami Samarth. During this meeting Swami Samarth requested Jangli Maharaj to never use his powers against common and illiterate people and to never harm them. He advised him to use his powers to help the suffering humanity instead.

Since that time, inspired by Swami from Akkalkot, Vishwatmak Gurudev began to help the needy. After some time he went into deep jungle, where he devoted himself to meditation. It was because of this meditation in the jungle that he was given the name of Jangli Maharaj. Vishwatmak Gurudev visited Karadg, Nerela, Rethere Harnaksha, and since then these places have been considered sacred. Finally, he went to Shivajinagar and sank into deep meditation in the Bhamburde jungle. In the last phases of his rigorous meditation practice Jangli Maharaj passed on the Guru Mantra (the initiation ceremonial) to his disciple Tekawadekar Maharaj, and spoke the following words: “I will continue my work in the next incarnation, after I am reborn”. He also left a sign enabling his disciples to recognize his next embodiment. It was the Swastik Darshan. When Tekawadekar Maharaj asked him how his next incarnation would be called /what his name  would be in his next life /, Vishwatmak Gurudev opened his clenched hand, and flowers fell down from it onto the ground, forming the words “OM GURUDEV”. Since that time Satguru Janglidas Mauli has been called OM GURUDEV. This name has become commonly used since the beginning of 2003, when one of Janglidas Maharaj’ close disciples was inspired by a vision that instructed him to call his Satguru “Om Gurudev”.

 In 1890 Vishwatmak Gurudev, alias Jangli Maharaj, left his body.

His samadhi place has since been changed into a temple and it can be visited in Puna. It is situated at one of the main streets – Jangli Road. Many people come there every day for morning and evening arati.

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