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BHARAT MATA ( A disciple of OM GURU Maharaj)

                         BHARAT   MATA          
Born : 1962

Bharat Mata came into the world in 1962 as Babutai More. Her parents ran a small farm in a little village, near the town of Karad in the south of the Maharashtra state. Bharat Mata was the oldest among her siblings. From early childhood her favorite pastime has been meditation in the local Shiva temples.

The first of the many important spiritual events (that we know about) in Bharat Mata’s life took place when she was 7 years old. She saw in her dream an unknown yogi who had given her a darshan (darshan is “seeing” a divine person, connected with receiving his/her blessing), leaving her with an indelible memory. Years passed one after another, and her parents, in accordance with the local custom, arranged the marriage of their 11 years old daughter. Bharat Mata was not interested in the new role imposed upon her. Some time later she started leaving her family home to meditate in various Shiva temples. Once she went to a neighboring village and in an old Shiva temple there started a 21- day seclusion, meditating unceasingly, without eating and drinking. This practice was accompanied by some extraordinary events, e.g. a big cobra appeared in a tree that grew in front of the temple (a cobra is in Indian culture a symbol of the Kundalini energy, and also a main attribute of Shiva), and remained there until Bharat Mata left the temple, where a crowd of local inhabitants had gathered, awaiting her darshan. In that deep meditation the young woman-yogi sensed that 22 stone boards lay hidden under the temple floor, with human figures engraved in them. Soon, historians, guided by her directions, dug out the sculptures, and declared that they came from the period of the Pandava brothers (Krishna’s times), which is to say that they are 5000 years old. This event was widely discussed in the contemporary press of the Maharashtra state. Now several sculptures remain exposed at the place they were found.

When Bharat Mata was about 14 years old, she again experienced meeting the unknown yogi in her dream. The yogi told her to visit him in one of the caves on the AgaShiv Mountain (there are about 110 carved Buddhist caves there). When she told her parents about her dream, it turned out that all three of them had dreamt the same dream. It was decided to investigate the truth of the message. The villagers did not know about any yogi meditating on the AgaShiv. However, when they got to the indicated place, it had turned out that Janglidas Maharaj was awaiting them there. Bharat Mata then stayed at the feet of Omgurudev, and for the first six months did not leave her teacher, meditating together with him in the caves and doing more and more difficult spiritual exercises at his command. From that time comes a mystical poem written in the honor of Bharat Mata by Babaji (in truth, it was only then that he gave her this spiritual name).

One year, in a small mountain village situated in the jungle near Karad, a lion started to show up, attacking the adults and carrying away the children. The villagers were unable to deal with this threat. The envoys from the local elders went to Janglidas to ask his help. In answer to their plea, Omgurudev sent Bharat Mata back with them. The young yogini meditated in the cave, inhabited by the wild beast for about 90 days. Not the slightest harm was done to her. The lion stopped to show up in the village and soon disappeared from the area for good.

When Bharat Mata was asked why the dangerous wild animals do not attack her, she explained that during the meditation she reached such a deep level of oneness with nature, that it was impossible for any animal to harm her – it is as with the tiger who will not bite its own tail or paw (we know a very similar story from the Old Testament tale about Daniel …)

In other circumstances numerous witnesses saw grown-up tigers in the direct vicinity of Bharat Mata, who were nestled close to her like little kittens.

Mataji is sometimes asked for help, too, when a snake wanders to the village or into somebody’s house. She then takes the animal in her hands (she says she is giving it darshan) and carries it away to a safe place.
During her sadhana Bharat Mata underwent numerous tapasyas – yogic spiritual exercises, full of severe renouncements. Performed on Guru’s command and under his spiritual guidance and protection, they are often connected with unusual transcendence of the limitations of human body and mind.

During such exercises there is an intense accumulation of “tapas”, that is spiritual fire – the energy that can be used for increasing the depth of meditation; sometimes it is accompanied by the appearance of siddhis – supernatural yogic powers. Tapasya can also be performed for the benefit of people in need who ask for help.

In spite of cultural and linguistic difficulties I have been able to find out a few details concerning Bharat Mata’s tapasya practices.

In the eighties, Mataji, together with other women disciples of Omgurudev, underwent the Panchagni ceremony (tapasya of five fires) several times. Another Bharat Mata’s tapasya consisted of 90 days’ meditation, during which she remained submerged neck-deep in water. Another time she was buried neck–deep in the earth. A few years ago she carried out an unusual practice, when sitting on a large stone near her kutir (hermitage) – she remained in meditation for a month without any breaks or sleep.

Now Bharat Mata spends most of the year in a simple mountain hermitage on the mountain slope, not far from her native village. There, in solitude, she performs tapasyas for several months, and the days when she ends her exercises are a great holiday in the lives of the inhabitants of the nearby villages and her many devotees who come from Puna and Bombay.

Besides the periods of tapasya, Mataji leads an ascetic life, filled with meditation, and with her presence and spiritual guidance serves many people coming to her for blessing or help. Limiting her needs to a minimum, she does not take any food for many months, and she only drinks Indian chai (tea with herbs, sugar and milk). Three-four hours’ sleep a day is enough for her, even during journeys. Fully devoted to her Master, she sees in him a source of her own power, and gives darshans through his grace. Wonderful, pure meditation aura can be felt around her. The depth of silence that surrounds Bharat Mata is thrilling. In this special atmosphere eyes easily look within, and the mind enters into meditation spontaneously.

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