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Thakur Sri Sri Abhiram Paramahansa

Born :18th January 1904

Mahaprayan : 1963

Thakur Shree Abhiram Paramahansa Dev took birth on 18th January 1904 in a small village "Bhoipada" (Karamala Gramapada), which is under Jodaapadar P.O., Bramhagiri P.S., Kanasa Block of Puri district in Orissa (India). The holy place is now famous as KARAMALA. The village is situated beside the rivers Daya, Bhargabi & Luna.

Naming of Karamala: In the start of 20th century, this village Karamala (Bhoipada) was under the rule of King Bhramabara Samantaraya of Khurda Garh. Duty (Tax) was collected in the form of paddy and store in this village. In oriya the duty (tax) is "Kar" and collection of duty (tax) is "Amala". As per myth the village thus names as "Karamala" (Kar+Amala).

He was the third son of "Satyabadi Pattanayak" and "Radha Devi". But he was survived by "Arjuna" & "Subrata" in childhood. Arjuna & Subrata called him as "Binori". When Binori was 7, Arjuna passed out and then Subrata. Then Binori again came back to his real parent Satyabadi & Radha Devi.

After completing his primary education he became a school teacher. He left the teachership after some days. At the age of eleven, he started meditation in "Khandaba bana" near Brahmagiri. There he also worshipped goddess Vanadurga (Purnamasi). He became a great Sadhu by the grace of goddess Vanadurga. He became very popular. He started spiritual renaissance everywehere With many disciples, sanyasis and devotees. His followers with love called him "Shree Thakur". Shree Thakur moved from village to village in Cuttack district for peaching his ideology, divine thought and spiritual values among the people.

A great spiritual leader
Thakur Shree Abhiram Paramahansa Dev was a great spiritual leader who created numbers of disciples and followers. His thought is implanted in the minds and hearts of the people of Orissa. He had started a religious and cultural movement in Orissa to create renaissance among the people. He occupied a high position in the religious world. His outstanding contribution towards secularism, mankind, social reform would be remembered for ever. Shree Thakur occupied a great place in the heart of the common people. His contribution in the field of literature, religion, peace, love and brotherhood was incomparable. He was a great lover of truth and peace.
A Freedom Fighter
Abhiram Paramahansa Dev was not only a well known religious teacher and famous social reformer but also a great freedom fighter. He sacrificed his life for the sake of Mother India. His life long performance is remarkable. He is highly respected by the people of Orissa due to his outstanding contribution in the freedom struggle, social reform and religious teaching. He was the only Oriya saint who struggled for independence of motherland. His heroic role during the period of great National movement recognized him a partiot and true lover of mother India.
A patriotic writer
Shree Thakur had written a famous book named "Kali Bhagabata". Some patriotic elements are available in this great book. When Shree Thakur was at Ichhapur village of Cuttack district he wrote the first six chapters of the historic book Kali Bhagabata. This book admired the greatness of Shree Thakur in the freedom struggle of India. The book Kali Bhagabata composed by Shree Thakur, criticised the harmful activities of the mighty Britishers. First six chapters of this book were published from Berhampur. Publisher Sashibhusan Rath had printed it in his Assha Press. In the critical period of the national movement this book had much impact on the people. Abhiram Paramahansa Dev had written in such way that many chapter has two different meanings. The surface meaning differs from its inner meaning. Especially the chapters 4 and 22 have two different meanings. In Kali Bhagabata Shree Thakur described about the future political situation of India. The words Mahatma, British Emperor of that time George-V, Congress, Satyagrahis are found in the book Kali Bhagabata.

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Hemanta Kumaf Jena , Ex- public prosecutor , Cuttack , Odisha said...

Sri Sri Abhiram Paramhansa Dev is a great religious and spiritual leader of Odisha . He has made immense contribution to the field of religion of Odisha . He has written beautiful bhajans and devotional songs on Lord Krishna . He has established a very beautiful math namely Karamala math in Brahmagiri near Puri town . He has made large number of disciples and followers during his life time Thakur Shree Abhiram Paramahansa Dev took birth on 18th January 1904 in a small village "Bhoipada"in Brahmagiri near Puri town . He was the third son of "Satyabadi Pattanayak" and "Radha Devi" . Shree Thakur had written a famous book named "Kali Bhagabata" . He sacrificed his life for the sake of Mother India. He has immensely contributed to the freedom struggle of India .