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Born : 14th September 1888
Passed Away : 26th January 1969

Anukulchandra was born on 14 September 1888 in Himaitpur village in the Pabna district of the eastern zone of Bengal in undivided India, now in Bangladesh. His father was Shibchandra Chakravarty (Shandilya Gotra Kanyakubja Brahmin) and his mother was Manmohini Devi.
From the very beginning, Anukulchandra was extremely mother centric. He accepted his mother as his guru throughout his life. The lover of the mankind, Anukulchandra set up an Ashram first at Pabna (later it was named Satsang by his mother) and then at Deoghar in India 1946, for fostering spiritual development. The Satsang ashram at Deoghar has now become a major place of attraction in Deoghar.[1][2] The four ideals of Satsanga are education, agriculture, industry, and good marriage. Actually Anukulchandra did not 'set up' any organization. The organization evolved around him. Schools, charitable hospitals, engineering workshops, a publishing house, and a printing press came up. He never wrote any book. Except one -Satyanusaran' (The Pursuit of Truth), but this was only a letter to one of his disciples Atulchandra. However, conversations of various people with Sri Sri Thakur was recorded, and his direct sayings were compiled. This has given birth to the vast literature of his direct teachings; noted among these are Satyanusaran, Punyapunthi, Anushruti, Chalar Sathi, Shashvati, Pritibinayak, Adarsh Binayak, Alochana Prasangeseries, Deeprakkhi series, The Message series, Vigayn Vibhuti, Who Thou The Revolutionary, Vivah Prasange volumes, Vivah Vidhayana volumes etc.
deepak was initiated (called 'Dikhsha') by his mother on behalf of Huzur Maharaj of Radhaswami Satsang, Dayalbagh, Agra. But he had been showing tremendous spiritual signs right from his advent. He used to do 'Kirton'/Naam-Kirton ("Hare Rama- Hare Krishna"). Sometimes during this, he would go into a trance. His utterances during these trances known as "messages" were later collected and published in a book called Punyapunthi. It was at this time that he started being addressed as "Thakur".
Mother Mata Monmohini Devi was deeply inclined to spiritualism namely prayer to the Almighty and her meditation. She was initiated by Huzur Maharaj of Dayalbagh, Radhaswami Satsang of Agra. Her spiritualism consolidated in her initiator Huzur Maharaj Ji through whom she used to taste the nectar of Heaven almost in her everyday life. In 1946 Anukulchandra went to Deoghar in Bihar and an ashram came up there as well. He had proclaimed that unless the human society adopts the marriage rules of Varnashram, there will be no peace in the world and all development work will prove to be futile. He did not return to Pabna after the Partition of India, but continued to live in Deoghar, where he left his mortal frame on 26 January 1969.

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