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SRISRI Achyutananda Das

Add ImageBorn : 10th January 1510 (Magha Sukla Ekadasi)

Sri Achyuta Dasa was born a Sudra (low caste) and through knowledge and god realization achieved the position of a Brahmin (high caste). From the beginning, the Parampara guru proves that anyone can learn the Vedic sciences and evolve themselves to the highest spiritual potentials possible for a human being.
Achyutananda, as he is called, was born in Tilakona, Orissa in 1510 on Magha Sukla Ekadasi (January 10, 1510). His childless parents had prayed to Lord Jagannath and then one night his father had a vision that Garuda (the Eagle of Visnu) gave him a child.
Achyutananda was known as a sad child until he met his guru, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. His life changed when the guru whispered the Mahamantra in his ear. He became one of the
panchasakha (the five friends) of Chaitanya. The five friends are known as Achyutananda Dasa, Ananta Dasa, Yasovanta Dasa, Jagannatha Dasa, and Balarama Das. These five friends are said to incarnate whenever Krsna takes incarnation. Achyutananda was the most prolific writers among the panchasakha. His books are still available in the ancient Oriya language, which is a mix of Sanskrit and modern Oriya.

Sri Achyuta Dasa had 12 disciples from which his centers of teaching (gaddis) were spread from East India to Nepal. His bhakti filled teachings are a mix of yantra, mantra, tantra, svara çastra, yoga çastra, jyotiña, sämudrika çastra, lagäëa, bhajan, chaupadé, puräëa, upa puräëa, and more. Mahapurusha Achyutananda lived to be 121 years of age and when he left this plane he left behind copper, silver and gold plates (
patti) to guide his students.


Shri Guru Achyuta, who is believed to be born with the powers of Shri "Garuda" (the mythological half-man half-bird vehicle of Shri Visnu), whohad taken birth as Shri Krusna's friend Shri Sudama during Mahabharata era, was born as Shri Achyutananda Das in this Kaliyuga about ~550 years before. In his first birth in this Kaliyuga his name was "Sindurananda" (Sundarananda as per some documents) when he was in the companionship of Shri Chaitanya (partial manifestation of Visnu for Naama-Bhakti) in Bengal. Then at the instruction of Lord Chaitanya, he left that body and took birth in Sudra kula in the State of Orissa and had the name "Achyutananda" (quoted from Shunya Samhita). Finally, when Shri Chaitanya came to Orissa (Puri) he initiated the PanchaSakhaa as his five disciples and gave five Mantras to five-friends. After 18 years of staying in Puri and spreading HareKrusna Mahamantra, one day Shri Chaitanya disappeared with a lightning into the idol of Lord Jagannath. The devotees were still waiting for him in front of the Garuda Stambha (a pillar named Garuda) in the temple of Lord Jagannath. The illusionary Chaitanya (Visnu) created another illusion and went away after fulfilling his wish of spreading the MahaMantra. He had declared that this PanchaSakhaa are his five Atmaas (souls) and are not less than the manifestation of Shri Visnu himself. That was the mystical disappearance of Lord Chaitanya- the Brahma disappeared into the DaaruBrahma (wooden form of Brahma). The same formless Brahma had manifested partially in the form of Chaitanya and disappeared into the self- as if the "quantum particles" and the "quatum anti-particles" annihilated each other with a flash of energy.

Garuda, the vehicle of Shri Visnu, the mythological bird, destroyer of the evils is none other than a part of Shri Visnu himself. It is only Garuda who had taught the Puranas and all the divine teachings to the Rishis and Munis which later were continued in the lineage. He is the Guru of the first Rishi-Munis and had composed the "Garuda Puraana". Lord Visnu, who will take the form of Kalki, the destroyer of the evil, will do that with his powers Garuda, Shankha, Chakra, Gadaa, Padma. There is no single person on this Earth as Kalki, many might claim being illusioned and made greedy by small powers or Siddhis, but Kalki is an integration of all the powers of Shri Visnu who might use his devotees body as a medium to do some of his own work. The Kalki will only be a combination of a human body with the five souls of Shri Visnu. He will not take a separate birth as Kalki but will only use the body of a realized Devotee. About Shri Achyuta; he also will not take another birth but will do his work through his disciple, even many might claim to be Shri Achyuta in later years. He (Achyuta) had hinted this in his Chakadaa Madaana (a manuscript): Daasa, many will claim to be Achyuta, remember who will claim loud will never be Achyuta. The final test will be in Jobra Ghat where I will reveal myself, the test will be "Anaakaara" test. Mahapurusha Acyhutanada left his mortal body about 500 years back in Shunya Sadhana. He lives in a Shunya form and communicates to normal people through his Oracle (Tamrapothi), or to dear ones through the medium of dreams or some other form of divine instructions.

He (Mahapurusha Achyutananda) also adds in the secret "Chakadaa Madaana" (revealed in the year 2004): "My devotees and the pious have suffered a lot. The demons and evils have almost conquered the Earth and for their greed, lust, and selfish ends have given pain and harmed the truthful ones. There is no respect for divine truthful thinking, and righteous souls and this Kali (yuga) has reached great powers. I am also sleepless for my devotees. I know they have suffered and still have not lost their faith and still take my name and wait. I, the ShunyaDehi (whose body is Shunya), move in many forms from here to there and in the wind and watch; sometimes I take the form of a madman, sometimes I become a saint, sometimes I appear as a thief, and sometimes as Vaidyas (doctor). The time (Kaala) is very powerful. But now the time has come and I promise the devotees a good time in not-so-far future. I, the crooked and the cruel, who acts as Visnu wants, will bring the Satya-yuga back, and destroy the evils (mletccha). The Sudarshana (Lord Visnu's weapon-disc) is there to identify the devotees and truthful souls. And the time is near (he refers to the period of 2004 mid to -2017 mid when the Yugakarma will be played in Shunya). The Anaakara is my vehicle to move and the five elements are my weapons [he refers to the natural disasters caused by the elements: earthquake, Tsunamis, wild fires, glacial melts etc.]. What the machines can do when they fail to work? (in a mocking sense). What evil will be left over after the first phases, the human-made nuclear powers will be their chief destroyer, what can I do?. My devotees are dear to me and they take the name Achyuta Achyuta, and the feelings will be there between me and my devotees. And I, Achyuta, will be playing in many different forms in many different places, that only few will know."

At this point, it might be interesting to quote from midevial literature, parts of
Bhavisyata Maalika, where Shri Achyuta had hinted to Ram Das, and from Shunya Samhita. The manuscripts are still available in Oriya.

Shri Achyuta hints Ram Das about YugaKarma in "Bhavisyata Maalika" (literature of ~ 1600 AD):
"Ram Das (GopalaRama) looks at ShriGuru and asks: “Please describe your Kaliyuga sport to me. In which palce will you be born ?” ThenAchyuta replies with oracular phrases: O Rāma, listen. “There is a land called Linga to the south of the Khira river. The creator has placed Mahesha to the west and the secret Peepal tree (Bata; Aswattha) is in the east. The giri (mountain) has gone underground here and strangesounds are heard. This is a secret and don’t disclose it before time. When the terrible Kaliyuga will be there my Ghata (body) will be concealed(i.e., no physical form). Bhaktas will roam in many countries but won’t be able to trace. You alone will disclose the secret. I shall be performing my sport secretly and I mean my words. Add one to four and place three zeroes on the right. That’s the time when the devotees will join hands todrive Kali out. Achyuta says this after giving proper thought. All those eternal devotees who have been born will be free from fear and confusion.Banners will be posted at Nuāpātanā and you will know that the time has come. The all-knowing devotees will be satisfied. The wicked will think all this strange and indulge in misdeeds, and will tease the devotees and quarrel. In a moment they will fall into the Kālachakra (the cycle of time-death). The lotus blooms secretly in Nemāla. The lilā (sport) will start there first. The wicked Achyuta will be witnessing that lilā. At the approach of Kalki those who talk sarcastic, will feel increasingly insecure. Mahāmayee (goddess) is waiting with her weapon. Achyuta says, she will destroy their pride one day. A few false saints will be preaching false knowledge and they will have no footing anywhere. They will face the dire consequences. ... Those who practice the Ekākhyara mantra, will be happy to witness the Lord’s sport. They will pass their time happily, for they have suffered in the past. Achyuta concentrates on the lotus-feet and sings. When the thirteen people will meet a terrible quarrel will ensue. I will keep myself concealed like oil in an oilseed (tila). ... You will see this with your own eyes, says Achyuta. The proposed Kaliyuga Mahābhārata war will be fought. Then the burdens of the earth will be lightened. ... I am disclosing all these secrets to you. ... Achyuta says, take you all the name of Hari. Give up your pride and don’t get confused. Devi will certainly wring their (people) necks and nothing can prevent her. ...Go and surrender yourself, remembering the holy fire. Everybody is afraid of the clutches of death. Achyuta says, recite the Panchākhyara mantra. The name Rāma has only two letters, inside and outside. Concentrate your mind on that. You will experience sweetness on your tongue and get a sweet smell. Achyuta the servant (dāsa) says, you will witness rāhāsa (sport). Join laya (attention) and anga (body) together (Layaanga Yoga) and put them into the lilā. Place the lābanyamurti (the delicate image) in the body. The two, Rādhā and Krushna, are together. Achyuta says this by joining laya and anga. You will witness the lilā under the bansi (flute) bata (Peepal tree). He is not to be perceived by way of the twelve juna(s)as He has thirteen expressions (Prakāsha). Look at the river Triveni through sahaja sutra (simple principles). A lotus with thousand petals blooms there. Satya (truth), Shanti (peace), Dayā (kindness) and Khyamā (forgiveness) are away from there. Wicked Achyuta says this, following theSiddha-Mārga. Lose yourself in the service of the lord and be conscious. Worldly desires will not touch you then. The so-aham (I am He) swan (hansa) dominates your body. That path is thin as a needle-point, take that path and you will reach the Shunya-Mandala. The Bindu-Brahma is present there in Shunya. ... If you wait in consciousness you could become Kalpabruddha (wise and immortal). It’s not easy to elaborate the virtues of Shri-Hari. Achyuta says, first bring the mad elephant under control. Son, you shall live in the forest of sorrow (Khyova bana) but won’t be affected by it. Live like a dumb and deaf man in this world. ..." (end of a part of Bhavisyata Maalika written by Shri Achyuta in ~1600 AD)."

The following is a part of
Shunya Samhita, where Shri Achyuta has described his association with Shri Chaitanya, and the cause of his last birth. The manuscript is partly available (the preface) in Oriya language.

Achyuta writes about his birth & association with Shri Chaitanya in "Shunya Samhita" (~1600 AD):
"Lord Karuņaasaagara (ocean of compassion; here he refers to Shri Chaitanya) caused my birth. He himself was born in Navadweepa (a place in Bengal, India). He was Shri Chaitnya, Lord of the universe who manifested on earth along with Nityaananda. I was born with them. He traversed the world in the guise of an ascetic, in the company of his followers. In due course, he came to Niļaachala (Puri), with his devotees, along with the five noblemen: Rupa, Sanaatana, Jeeva Gosvaami, Gopaaļa Bhatta, and Raghunaatha Daasa. He himself pointing out to meinstructed: ‘You should perform Raasa (sport) in Odiyaa Desa (Orissa) and by consecrating the Gopaaļa tribe (milkmen), you should consecrate yourself. You must destroy your present body, and be born in the SudraKuļa (a lower caste). O Achyuta, be off now and start performing your Raasa.’ I was in his company and after obtaining the command, I left my body and was born in SudraKuļa. God’s command the to me was, ‘Take to the appearance of BrahmaGopaaļa, wear a sacred thread on your right shoulder, and celebrate your eternal sport.’ My earlier name wasSindurananda, which was hidden thenafter and I, the sinner and the wretched, came to be known as Achyuta."

In the following song, Baba Shri Buddhanath Das explains the mystery of birth of Shri Achyutananda Das, that took place about 550 years before in the state of Orissa. After leaving the mortal body, he never took birth again and preferred to live with shunyadeha (ethereal form) but had promised to his disciples and devotees: "We all shall meet and recognize again in the end of Kaliyuga at the banks of Gobari (refers to Garoi)". Who will be what, he had written all with specific description in one manuscript called "Jaiphula Malika", which is mainly about the identity of his disciple and devotees. Sri Achyuta Das was born to Dinabandhu Khuntia and Padma devi in a village called Tilakona in Orissa in about 1510 AD on a "Magha Sukla Ekadasi" (a specific time described in Oriya calender). His parents were childless for a long time and were praying to Lord Jagannâth for a child. One night his father had a vision that Garuda (the bird of Vishnu, an Eagle) gave him a child. Next morning he rushed to the temple and prayed at the "Garuda Khamba" (a pillar in front of the Jagannâth temple) thanking the Lord for his mercy. At this point there are two different beliefs: some are of the opinion that he (Dinabandhu Khuntia) found a newborn divine child there and he is Achyuta ("A + chyuta"). Some others believe that, soon after this incident (vision), Padma devi was booned with a divine child. Henceforth, Shri Achyutaananda Das was born at Tilakana, Cuttack. Similarly the other four spiritual mates took birth at: Shishu Ananta Das at Baalipaatanaa in Puri dictrict,Yashovanta Das at Adhanga in Cuttack district, Jagannaatha Das at Kapileswarpur in Puri dictrict, and Balaraama Das at the temple town of Puri itself. Below is the description about his human-birth in the name of "Achyuta", song by Baba in an emotional state.
Birth secret of Shri Achyuta
He came out of Shunya, mixed with the Air
And Nirakara (formless) took a concentrated form
From the form is Shunya, from the Shunya is the Supreme
Anaakara is the root of all.

In this way, the the body took its form
From the body the name was born
When the form will break, it will join the formless
The "Anaahata" will be left on.

Oh child, may you have what you want
Let your wish be fulfilled
In tomorrows morning rituals
Look behind the Garuda Khamba

There will be child, that you will get as son
That was the instruction to me
After the dream ended, in that state only
Khuntia desperately ran to Garuda Khamba

In the morning ritual behind the Garuda
People have gathered in mass
A child with a divine form
Is playing before the Lord.

After viewing the child, things were clear
What the divine instructions were to him
Shri Krusna salvation feet
I received with mercy that.

Khuntia, Dinabandhu was his name
And Padmaavati was his woman
And after receiving Lord's instruction
I entered into her womb.

Worn-out looks and she was very old
Padmaavati was her name
Placed in the womb and joined to the Ovum
The God did that at will of his own.

After 10 months and 10 days
On "Shukla Maagha Ekaadasi"
I gained the birth and my father looking at me
His no-child sin was destroyed.
I got then two brothers and one sister
And lived in the village of Tilakana
My mother and father then passed days
Since then with happiness.



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