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                                      Shankaranya Puri

Nitai dancing in Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannatha
Vishwarup Becomes Nitai

Adapted from Srila Nityananda Das'
Prema-vilasa 7.18-49

Sachi Thakurani was the wife of  Jagannatha Mishra. Sachi and her husband  were very proud of their attractive elder son, Vishwarup, who was a great scholar. Sachi's father lived at Belpukur Belpukhuria. His elder son was Yogeswar Pandit, his next son was Ratnagarbha Pandit, and then his daughter Sachi Devi.
The son of Yogeswar Pandit was Lokanath Pandit, who possessed all good qualities. He was Vishwarup's schoolmate and constant companion. After some time, Vishwarup also became great friends with Adwaita
Acharya. They used to spend their time together discussing various scriptures. Within a short while, both Vishwarup and Lokanath became accomplished scholars. However, Vishwarup had no interest in material life, and very soon he decided to renounce the world and become an ascetic. Despite the pleading of his bereaved parents, Vishwarup gave up his sikha and brahmana thread and accepted the danda, kaupina, and the saffron colored dress of a sannydsT and was renamed Shankaranya Puri. Pandita Lokanatha became his disciple and accompanied Vishwarup as his assistant in their travels to various tirthas.

source : http://archive.org/stream/KkBindu001-234/bindu171_djvu.txt


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