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Rishi Gautam
Rishi Gautam and Ahilya

( Chandrabani )

Anjana and Lord Hanuman
( Chandrabani )

Gautam Kund ( Chandrabani )

Gautam Kund ( Chandrabani )
Calculation of time span according to Vani Bhushan Panchang :-
According to Vani Bhushan Panchang the universe is 1955885109 years old.
1728000 Years
1296000 Years
  864000 Years
  432000 Years

Out of 432000 years of Kalyug 5110 years have passed and 426890 years are remaining (432000 - 5110 = 426890). At present the year is 2009 A.D.
The history of Gautam Kund at Chandrabani is 3893110 years old (1728000 + 1296000 + 864000 + 5110 = 3893110 years).
The saptrishi of 7th (present) Manvantara are Atri, Vashisht, Kayshap, Gautam Bharadwaj, Vishvamitra and Jamagdini. Every Manvantara has its own Saptrishi who are responsible for the management of Dharma and protection of public (lok raksha).
After a Manvantra is over 4 Saptrishi go to Bram Lok and 4 new Saptrishi's are appointed on their place.
The below mentioned story is as per Mr. Chetan Singh Khadaka's research :-
In the Jata (hair locks) of Lord Shiv resides Goddess Ganga which was divided in two parts. There were two great people who brought Goddess Ganga on earth. The first part was brought on earth by great learned Brahman Rishi Gautam by pleasing Lord Shiv the second part was brought on earth by King Bhagirath, for this he had to do hard penance of Lord Shiv. This way there were two parts of Goddess Ganga.
Once upon a time Rishi Gautam was doing penance on Kailash Mountain, after a long time of penance Lord Shiv became happy with him and appeared in front of him and said to him that he was happy with his penance and told him to ask for any favor in return and also said that he can ask for anything which is even rare for the Devtas to achieve. At that time Rishi Gautam requested Lord Shiv for the benefit of humanity to release Ganga from his Jata (hair lock) on Bhramgiri Mountain so that all the sins committed in the world can get destroyed by the holy water of Ganga. Lord Shiv agreed to this and Goddess Ganga divided herself into three parts and flowed in Swarg Lok (heaven), Mrityu Lok (earth) and Rasatal.
In Swarg Lok there are four forms (roop) for Goddess Ganga, in Mrityu Lok she started to flow in form of several rivers and in Rasatal there were 4 streams of Goddess Ganga.
Mother Ganga from her starting till her merging in Ocean is considered divine. Amongst all five elements water is considered the best. In all the waters the water which is of pilgrimage (tirth jal) is considered highly auspicious.
In Tirth Jal (holy water) Bhagirathi Ganga is considered best and more then it Gautami Ganga is considered excellent because Goddess Ganga was brought along with the Ja,ta (hair locks) of Lord Shiv.
On heaven, earth and patal (place below the surface of earth) Goddess Ganga satisfies wishes.
Rishi Gautam, Ahilya and Brahmas creation :-
In the past, Brahma out of curiosity created some beautiful girls out of whom Ahilya was the best and possessed highest virtues. At that time Brahma thought that as to who is the appropriate person to look after this girl, Brahma found Maharshi Gautam to be the best person in virtues, saint (tapasvi) with intelligence and possessor of knowledge of Vedas. Therefore, at the time of handing over Ahilya to Rishi Gautam Brahma told him to look after the girl Ahilya till she becomes young and the moment she becomes young he should bring her to him (Brahma).
Rishi Gautam had already become free from all his sins because of his penance. He looked after Ahilya when she became young Maharshi Gautam took her to Brahma. On seeing the greatness and seriousness of Maharshi Gautam Brahma got surprised and thought that he should get Ahilya married to Maharishi Gautam.
Brahma told other Devtas and Rishis that he would get married Ahilya to the person who would travel around the earth and come back first. On hearing Brahma's words all the Devtas and Rishis went to travel around the earth. During this time Maharshi Gautam saw baby Kamdhenu (name of a cow) taking birth; its half body was outside her mothers' womb. Looking at this with the feeling of earth Rishi Gautam walked around it and Shivling.
Rishi Gautamwent near Brahma and said to him that he has traveled around the Earth. Brahma came to know everything though his meditation and said to Rishi Gautam that in real he has traveled around the Earth. Brahma told Rishi Gautam that he knows the true meaning of Dharma which is even rare in Vedas.
Brahma said that a cow which has given birth is equal to earth with seven 7 islands and to move around it (parikrama) and Shivling is like traveling around Earth. Brahma was satisfied with the patience, knowledge and penance of Rishi Gautam and told him that he deserved to get married to Ahilya.
After the marriage of Rishi Gautam and Ahilya other Devtas and Rishis returned and felt jealous. Brahma for residence gave Brahmgiri to Rishi Gautam and Ahilya which is utmost pious place which fulfills wishes of people.
Rishi Gautam along with Ahilya started to live at Brahmgiri.
Lord Shiv devotee Rishi Gautam's travel to Brahmshail :-
Rishi Gautam was strong devotee of Lord Shiv and used to apply Bhasma on his forehead. He used to wear Rudraksh on his body and all the time chanted mantra of Lord Shiv. He was the Purohit of King Janak. Rishi Gautam along with his followers and family used to live on the south side of Brahmshail.
Due to a natural calamity there was no rainfall since last 100 years at that place (Brahmshail) and not a single tree was alive. All the animals were desperate for water. Most of the trees, plants and creatures started to burn and turned into ashes due to the rise in temperature. In the jungles somehow the saints used to do penance and pass their time. At that time in order to save the world from the water problem Rishi Gautam started to do Penance (tapasya) of lord of rain (Varun Dev). Lord Varun is the Lord of water and hence it was only he who could solve the problem of drought. It was the nature of Rishi Gautam to do well and give happiness to others and for this he used to be eager to take sufferings.
When Rishi Gautam along with Ahilya did severe penance of Lord Varun, Lord Varun appeared in front of Rishi Gautam and told him to ask for what he wished. Rishi Gautam requested Lord Varun to remove the suffering of world by giving rainfall. Lord Varun replied that profit-loss, life-death, rainfall-drought, heaven-hell, etc. are the things that are in the hands of Lord Shiv. He is the supreme and lord of the world and hence making rainfall or not is in his wish and so he cannot fulfill Rishi Gautams request. Lord Varun said to Rishi Gautam that if he does not fulfill any request of him it would be against Dharma and told him to ask for a request which he can gladly fulfill.
At that time Rishi Gautam told Lord Varun to give him an ever lasting water pond (akshay jal kund) so that his request also gets fulfilled and his (Lord Varun) presence is also fruitful.
Lord Varun became happy and by blessing Rishi Gautam, told him to dig a pond and put an ever lasting lotus (akshay kamal) in that pond so that it is always filled with water.
Rishi Gautam dug a pond with his hands, Lord Varun filled it with water and by giving blessings said that this pond with the area of one arms length (ek haath jitna vistar) will be very sacred place (param tirth), famous by name of Rishi Gautam and will always remain filled with water. Any person who serves this place will get his wishes fulfilled.
Rishi Gautam and his family became happy by drinking the water from the pond. Rishi Gautam along with his students started to do farming near the pond. This news started to spread everywhere and from all four directions other Rishis along with their families started to live near the pond.
Near the pond people suffering from hunger and thirst got satisfied. Because of the blessings of Lord Varun, water of the pond never got dried and slowly a city got developed there.
Once, Rishi Gautam told his students to fetch water from the pond urgently. When the students arrived near the pond at the same time the wives of other Rishis had also reached there to fetch water. The wives of other Rishis told Gautam Rishi's students to fetch water from the pond after they finish taking water from the pond. The students felt insulted and without taking water and told Ahilya that the wives of other Rishis didn't let them take water.
On hearing this Ahilya along with students reached near pond and told the students to fetch water and they returned home. On seeing this, other Rishis wives got angry and without taking water went back to their hut and started to cry near their husband and started to tell them false things. Hearing the words from their wives the Rishis started to get angry and decided to teach lesson to Rishi Gautam. The Rishis could not teach Rishi Gautam a lesson on their own so they started to worship Lord Ganesh. Looking at the worship of Rishis Lord Ganesh got happy and appeared in front of them and said to them "O Rishis your wish is not pious and you should not bring destruction to yourself with your own hands". At that time all the Rishis said that without any reason they were insulted by Rishi Gautam and hence Lord Ganesh should fulfill their wish.
Lord Ganesh said that because of the blessings of Lord Shiv on Rishi Gautam nothing bad will happen to him but the other Rishis because of their bad intentions will receive sorrow. After saying this Lord Ganesh disappeared. One day Lord Ganesh took form of a sick cow and started to eat in Rishi Gautam's field. Coincidently Rishi Gautam was near the field. When he saw the cow doing damage to the crops to get her out he took a piece of grass and tried to make her go out of the field with that but, on touching the piece of grass the cow died. All this was planned and when the cow fell on ground all the Rishis came there and started to say bad things to Rishi Gautam. The same happened to Ahilya, the wives of other Rishis started to say bad things to Ahilya.
Every one got together and decided that no person will see face of Rishi Gautam and started to hit Rishi Gautam, Ahilya and their students with stones and moved them out of that place.
After they got removed from their Ashram Rishi Gautam and Ahilya started to stay 1 km (ek kaus) away from their Ashram. Rishi Gautam felt guilty and decided that till he is not free from the sin of cow killing he won't touch any one and restraining himself from doing any spiritual ceremony regarding devtas and pitrus. This time was very painful for Rishi Gautam.
After 15 days Rishi Gautam went near the Rishis who had driven him out of his Ashram. Rishi Gautam stood far from them and requested them to show him a way so that he can be free from sin of cow killing. On hearing the humble words of Rishi Gautam other Rishis felt pity for him in their heart but due to their ego they said "Rishi Gautam your students and Ahilya had disrespected their wives and so he would have to bear its consequence".
The Rishis said that only Lord Shiv would free him from his sins and first of all for 3 days he should move around the earth and loudly speak out his sins, after that for 1 month he should keep fast (vrat) and move round (parikrama) 100 Brahmins. If he does this then he would be free from his sins.
After this he should at this place make Goddess Ganga appear and take bath in it and make 1 Corer Shivling out of mud (parthiv pujan) then only he would be free from his sins.
Rishi Gautam moved around (parikrama) 100 Brahmins after that he made 1 Corer Shivlings out of mud (parthiv pujan) and started to meditate on Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv was pleased with Rishi Gautam's penance. Lord Shiv along with Goddess Parvati and his Gana (special group of followers) appeared before him and said that he (Rishi Gautam) was his most favorite and told him to ask for what he wanted. Rishi Gautam said if he was happy with him then he should release him from his sins. Lord Shiv said to Rishi Gautam that he was cheated and he was given pain for the sin which he had not committed. Lord Shiv said that those Brahmins who had given him pain will be bearers of fake knowledge because any person who harasses my (Lord Shiv) devotee will never be happy.
Rishi Gautam humbly said that the other Rishis had not done any wrong to him because; the truth was that he was able to see him (Lord Shiv) because of the path that the Rishis had shown to him. Lord Shiv was pleased again and told him to ask for a wish. Rishi Gautam requested Lord Shiv to grant him Goddess Ganga. On this Lord Shiv put down Goddess Ganga from his head and gave to Rishi Gautam and said to Goddess Ganga "O Goddess Ganga you consider Rishi Gautam as your server (sevak) and remove all his sins".
Goddess Ganga said to Lord Shiv, "I will follow your order but I will purify Rishi Gautam along with his family and then go back to my place". On this Lord Shiv said that he wished Goddess Ganga to stay there till the starting of Vaivasvat Manvantar. Because of Lord Shiv's force and Rishi Gautam's prayer, Goddess Ganga agreed to stay there only if she was worshipped there and Lord Shiv along with Parvati and their servers (gans) stayed on her banks, then only she would stay till the beginning of Vaivasvat Manvantar.
All the Devtas were pleased because of Goddess Ganga's staying and said that at the time when Brahaspati is in Singh Rashi her importance would spread in all 3 worlds (3 lok).
After 12 years when that time comes people would come and take holy bath and visit Shiv temple and be free from all sins.
On this Goddess Ganga in the form of water came out from Brahmshail through Udumber branch and started flowing in the form of river and became famous by the name of Gautami. This starting point (udgam sthan) is known as Ganga Dwar.
Rishi Gautam along with his wife Ahilya and his students took bath in river Gautami and worshipped Shivling but when the other Rishis who had driven out Rishi Gautam from his Ashram came there Goddess Ganga disappeared.
At present this place is considered to be Panchvati in Nasik and the remains of this epical story can be seen at this place even today.
During the last days of Brahmshail one day Rishi Gautam along with his students returned from a journey. At that moment Ahilya was having bath in Gautam Kund. Rishi Gautam looked at her and got attracted towards her. Just by Rishi Gautams seeing Ahilya with feeling made her pregnant.
Ahilya gave birth to a baby girl and because this girl was born by just seeing of Rishi Gautam to ahilya with feeling of love this girl was called Anjani.
When Rishi Gautam and his family shifted from Brahmshail (Vindhyagiri Mountain) Anjani was 9 Months and 27 days old. 

An introduction to Rishi Gautam's ashram at Chandrabani :-
Rishi Gautam along with his wife and daughter used to live in Brahmshail which is at present known as Nasik. Other Rishi used to come there for visit but they were jealous of Rishi Gautams simple nature and penance (tapasya). Because of jealousy the Rishis tried to put a blame of cow killing on Rishi Gautam with the help of Lord Ganesh but, because of the blessings of Lord Shiv the stones thrown at him used to turn into flowers.
Because of the behavior of the other fellow Rishis and people Rishi Gautam felt hurt and left his Ashram and made his new Ashram in pious Chandrabani which is a gods place (dev bhumi) in Uttarakhand.
According to Vaani Bhushan Panchang the history of Gautam Kund at Chandrabani is around 38, 93,109 years old which was Satyug at that time where as Rishi Gautam and his fellow Rishis (tapasvis) visited Chandrabani for the purpose of penance. Ahilya got curse of turning into stone from here (chandrabani) and the powers of Indra ended here.
This place (Chandrabani) is also considered as Dronacharyas in-laws house and Ashwasthama's maternal-father's house. Before this Ahilya had cursed Anjani to be a virgin mother because she had spoken against her to Rishi Gautam. This incident was also considered to be starting point of Lord Hanuman's birth.
Lord Indra was deeply into material pleasures and asked Sun and Moon as to who was world's most beautiful lady and wanted to know her description. Because the Sun was not able to tell him the Moon God said to him that Rishi Gautams wife Ahilya was world's most beautiful lady. With the help of Moon, Indra tried to fulfill his selfish-motives.
Rishi Gautam used to go daily at 4:00 am to take holy bath in Goddess Ganga at Haridwar. To take advantage of this, Indra told Moon to make voice of rooster at 2:00 am. The moon right at 2:00 am made voice of a rooster and Rishi Gautam like ever day woke up and went to take holy bath in Goddess Ganga. Trying to take Advantage of the situation Indra took form of Rishi Gautam and stood near the door and called Ahilya. Ahilya was a virtuous woman (sati) and she said, "If you are Rishi (her husband) then you can come inside and if you are not then your body will turn into pieces (khandit)". On saying this Indra became powerless and fell on ground by turning into pieces.
When Rishi Gautam reached Goddess Ganga for holy bath at 2:00 am she got disturbed at late night and got angry but when Rishi Gautam said to her that he came because he heard the rooster and thought it was 4:00 am. On hearing this she understood everything. Goddess Ganga was happy by the devotion of Rishi Gautam and gave him boon that on Baisakhi she will appear at his Ashram. She informed Rishi Gautam about the conspiracy of Indra and the treachery of Moon. Rishi Gautam got angry and reached his Ashram and in anger cursed Ahilya. Moon also got punished for helping Indra and Rishi Gautam hit Moon with his wet dhoti and marked his body with spots.
Ahilya was in grief because of the allegation put on her and she cursed her daughter Anjani saying that as without any fault her character was blamed same way she will also have to bear blame on her character. In future this curse given to Anjani came true and became cause of birth of Lord Hanuman.
When Rishi Gautams temper was cool he realized his mistake and told a way of release from curse to Ahilya, Anjani and Moon and gave life to Indra on the request of Guru Brahaspati.
Rishi Gautam for the release of Ahilya changed the cycle of time. Ahilya was turned into stone and she started to wait for Lord Ram. Moon sat there at Rishi Gautams Ashram and started to penance to free himself from curse. It is said that because of the penance of Moon this place was known as Chandrabani instead of Chandraban. This story is told in detail in purans. Famous writer Mr. Kushiram Shikohabadi has in detail written this story in his book Shiv Puran Bhasha Tika.
At this place there is facing west (pashchim mukhi) Goddess Ganga which flows from Gautam Kund to River Aasan.
Ahilya Kund :-
During the early times when Rishi Gautam traveled to Chandrabani there was shortage of water. One night Ahilya out of thirst asked Rishi Gautam for water. Rishi Gautam with his hands dug a pit and water started to flow from that pit from then onwards people staying in Ashram started to use water of that pit. This pit is known as Ahilya Kund.
Temple of Goddess Ganga :- 
Goddess Ganga had given boon to Rishi Gautam that she would appear on Baisakhi at this Ashram and at Baisakhi there started to flow 9 streams. From this temple the water streams reach Gautam Kund.
Gautam Kund :-The streams of Goddess Ganga merge in Gautam Kund which is considered extremely holy. People collect water here and use it for worshipping and other holy deeds. Near Gautam Kund there is another Kund made in which the water is of the Gautam Kund. This kund is made so that people can take holy bath here.
The color of water changes in Gautam Kund as the color of Ganga changes in Haridwar. It is also said that those couples who do not have any child if they take holy bath at Gautam Kund, walk around it (parikrama) and do prayer their wish is fulfilled and have a child.
Baby Hanuman, Anjani and Chandrabani :-
The importance of temple of Goddess Ganga, Gautam Kund and Ahilya Kund is well known. Chandrabani is a historical place and a center of people's faith. The Mahant and all other people at Chandrabani are trying to get information about Rishi Gautams Ashram at Chandrabani. According to our ancient religious literature, beliefs and the documents that are there, gathering information was not easy but because of the blessings of the respected Mahant Henamt Ji of Gautam Rishis Ashram it became easy.
The relationship of child Hanuman and his mother Anjani with Chandrabani as mentioned in historical books are as below :-
When Rishi Gautam came to know that Indra and Chandra had cheated him, to clear his doubt he asked his daughter Anjani and after that he cursed Ahilya to turn into stone. It is said that because of sorrows and pain a person does not take decisions with mind and going through the same feelings Ahilya gave a harsh punishment to her daughter Anjani which no person can imagine of.
Actually cursing her daughter to be mother without getting married was like making her (Ahilya) heart of stone but Anjani accepted the challenge of her mothers curse and followed the virtues of her parents. Anjani took a vow that she will for her entire life do penance and will never see any man's face. With this decision she went to Siddh Mountain and started to do penance underground (bhumigat).
The area of Siddh Mountain can be compared to at present Manak Siddh to Mansa Devi, Haridwar. Due to Anjani's extreme penance Indra's throne started to shake and wide area of energy started to form on earth.
As always to remove confusion of Indra, Narad went near Lord Shiv and requested him that on Siddh Mountain Virgin Anjani is doing extreme penance because of which high energy is starting to form as a result of this there would be misbalance in all energies. Narad said that you (Lord Shiv) nurture this world and so find a way to solve this.
Here there are two different religious documents for what happened after Narad's request to Lord Shiv.
According to Shiv Puran the first story is that Bhasmasur pleased Lord Shiv and asked for a wish that any person on whose head he keeps his hand would burn. On Bhasmasurs penance Lord Shiv was forced to fulfill his wish. Bhasmasur was a asur (satan) and because of his this asurik (satanic) behavior he thought to burn Shiv and then get married Parvati. When this thought of him came into light he ran after Lord Shiv. To help Lord Shiv from this problem Lord Vishnu took form of a beautiful lady, came appeared in front of Bhasmasur. Lord Vishnu mesmerized Bhasmasur in his beauty and made him dance and unknowingly Bhasmasur kept his hand on his head and was burnt.
 When Lord Shiv came out he got carried away in the beauty of Lord Vishnu's female form. Before the seed (shivankur) of Shiv fell on the ground Vishnu took it in his hands because if it fell on ground then all the water on earth would dry and there would be devastation (pralay) on earth. As the seed and its energy came out it had to be kept in a womb and so Lord Vishnu told Narad to go at Siddh Mountain where Anjani was doing penance and with the help of bamboo blow this seed in her ear after this only Ahilya's curse would come true and a soul would take birth which will do good to humanity. Bamboo used to be hollow from both the side during that time. Narad kept the seed of Shiv in it and reached Chandrabani. There he told Anjani who was doing penance underground "daughter, I Narad son of Brahma am happy with you and want to give you knowledge". Looking at the vow taken by Anjani, Narad inserted a bamboo in the ground so that she can fulfill his work by bringing her ear near the bamboo.
On hearing Narad's words when Anjani brought her ear near the bamboo immediately Narad blowed Lord Shiv's seed in her ear and before she could return back the seed Narad tied a knot around the bamboo. It is after this that the bamboos have knot in it.
Ahilya's curse came true and Anjani got pregnant. After certain time a child was born who was known as Pavan Putra (son of lord wind) because it was Lord Wind who transferred the seed (as Narad blew the seed of Lord Shiv in Anjani's ear and as this seed was transferred by blowing of wind, Hanuman is also know as Pavan Putra i.e. son of Lord Wind).
The place where Anjani did penance and became virgin mother is still present at Chandrabani and at this place at present there is a Gular tree.
The second story is that Indra got distracted but the penance of Anjani and on this Lord Shiv along with Narad went near Anjani and talked to her and with the help of a stem (tehni) of pawpaw (papaiya) and blew wind in her ear.
When baby Hanuman was born the earth tore apart and the baby Hanuman came out. He said to his mother Anjani that he was hungry Anjani said to him that red berries (ber) have riped you can eat them. Without understanding the words of his mother baby Hanuman looked at sky and saw the red sun thinking it as red berry he tried to eat it but the sun got stuck in his mouth. There was darkness on earth and a chaos everywhere. Indra got angry and hit Hanuman on his chin because of which Sun came out of his mouth but baby Hanuman got fainted. After this incident son of Anjani Bajrang was called Hanuman (in Sanskrit language hanu means chin).
Baby Hanuman was very naughty and when for education he was sent to Ashram there also he used to surprise everyone with his naughty behavior. Once Rishi Gautam sat in meditation and baby Hanuman through his power dried the water in his pot (kamandal) on this Rishi Gautam got angry and cursed him that he would forget all his powers and later on getting impressed with his simple nature he even blessed him that when any person would make you remember your powers at that time you will regain all your powers.
Once upon a time Anjani got tired of Hanuman's naughty behavior and threw him down from mountain. At that time Kesri who was King of monkeys had come there with his wife for pilgrimage at Haridwar because he did not have any children. He got happy when he saw baby Hanuman and considered him as a blessing of god and started to raise him as his own son. When baby Hanuman received complete knowledge from his Master (guru) Sun at that time he asked Sun to ask for something in return (guru dakshina). Sun told him to stay at Pampapur where 2 brothers named Bali and Sugriv were staying out of which Sugriv was his son. Sun also asked Hanuman to take care of Sugriv in return of the knowledge that he gave to Hanuman (guru dakshina). Hanuman agreed and went near his parents and told them everything. Kesri told Hanuman to follow orders of this Master (guru). After that Hanuman reached Pampapur and came to know that Bali and Sugriv had a fight because of which Sugriv was living on Rishimukh Mountain. Hanuman also started to stay there along with Sugriv.
In Satyug Chandrabani was famous as a place for penance of gods. Many ancient stories are related to this place. Even today people feel peace at this place. At present many evidences are found which are related to the ancient stories written.
This is a short description of Chandraban now known as Chandrabani. It is not easy to collect information from 18 Purans, Upnishads, Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc. religious books. Major part of this information is collected from Skand Puran, Brahma Puran, Shiv Puran, Padma Puran, Vishnu Puran, Ramayan, etc.
For the calculation of time span Vani Bhushan Panchang is taken into consideration.

Gautam Rishi's Parvara :-
Angiras, Aayasya and Gautam (Triarsheya)

Gautam Rishi (information collected from various sources) :-
A non-identical twin, one male one female, was born from Mudgala, Bharmyashva's son. The boy was called Divodasa and the girl was named Ahilya. Ahalya means without any deformation.
Ahalya was the most beautiful woman. All the Devtas wanted to marry her. Brahma decided that whoever could go around the three worlds first would marry Ahalya. Indra used all his magical power to go around the three worlds, finally reaching Brahma to take the hand of Ahalya.
However Narad mentioned to Brahma that Rishi Gautam had in fact gone around the three worlds even before Indra. Narad explained that as part of the daily puja, Gautam went around the cow at his hermitage. On one of the days when he went around doing his puja, the cow gave birth to a calf. As per the Vedas, the cow at the time of bearing a calf is equal to three worlds, hence Ahalya must be given to Gautam and not Indra thus, Ahilya was married to Rishi Gautam.
Gautam Rishi was son of Rahugan.
Pusha, Ghritaci, Vata, Dhananjaya, Suruci, Gautam and Sushen are the ones ruling the month of Tapas (Magha, January/February).
Gautam Rishi and Ahilya had 3 sons Vamdev, Nodha and Shataanand. Shatanand was Kul Guru (chief priest) of Raja Janak.
Vamadev, Nodha and Shatanand they were discoverers of Mantras. There is a hymn called Bhadra in the Sam Ved which again is described to Gautam Maharishi.
Gautam Rishi and Ahilya even had a daughter called Anjana also known as Anjni she was mother of Lord Hanuman.
Gautam's sixty-year long penance is mentioned in the Shanti parv of the Mahabharata. The Narad purana describes the story of the 12 year famine during which Gautam fed all the Rishis and saved them.
With Bharadvaj, Gautam shares a common ancestry as they are both descended from Angiras, and sometimes they are both bracketed together under the name Angiras.
The 4th book (mandala) of the Rig Ved is that of the Vamadev Gautam family.
Gautam Maharishi is one of the Saptarishis (Seven Great Sages Rishi) sapt-rishis (seven Rishis) of the current Manvantar (seventh). The present manvantar, which is the seventh in order, is called Vaivaswat. The Saptarishis of this manvantar are Atri, Vashishth, Kashyap, Gautam, Bhardwaj, Vishwamitra and Jamdagni.
He was one of the Maharishis of Vedic times, known to have been the discoverer of Mantras 'Mantra-diksha', in Sanskrit. The Rig Ved has several suktas that go with his name. He was the son of Rahugan, belonging to the line of Angiras. The Devi Bhagavatam says that the river Godavari is so named because of its association with Gautam.
Gautam's sixty-year long penance is mentioned as the Shanti parv of the Mahabharata. The Narad puran describes the story of the 12 year famine during which Gautam fed all the Rishis and saved them.
The Devi Bhagavatam says that the river Godavari is so named because of its association with Gautam. The descent of Lord Shiva as Tryambakeshvar, that constitutes the source of the Jyotirling nearby, happened for the sake of Gautam. The Brahmaand-puran mentions that one of the sub-branches of the Raanaayani branch of Sam Ved was initiated by this Gautam. Some famous disciples of Gautam were Praachin-yogya, Shaandilya, Gaargya, and Bharadwaj.
While dealing with Nyaya darshan i.e. to act according to rules - niyamen iyate. Rishi Gautam was the pioneer of this system through his book Nyaya Sutra. It deals with logic- the process of reasoning.

Nyaya means logical analysis. Those who subscribe to this philosophy believe that by the use of perception valid knowledge resulting in moksh could be acquired. The perception includes the senses and insight, inference, analogy, and verbal testimony.
Gautam Rishi was the most ancient sage of all Brahmin law givers. He was quoted by Baudhayan and belonged to Sama Ved School. Gautam's teachings are called Gautam sutra or Gautam smriti.
Gautam Rishi was also the author of Dharm-sutra known as Gautam Dharm sutra. It is in fact the earliest Dharm Sutra. It contains 28 chapters with 1000 aphorisms. Almost every aspect of the observances of Hindu dharm - including the rules for the four Ashrama's, the forty sanskaras, the four varnas, kingly duties, the punishments for various offences, the obsequies for the dead, do's and don'ts of food consumption, the dharmas of women, the rules for Praayaschitta (atonement for sins), and the rules of succession of property. In this sense Gautam's Dharm Shastra may perhaps be considered the oldest law book of the world.

History of Chandrabani as per ashram at Chandrabani :-
On Devdhar Mountains west side 4 miles away is the Chandraban which is famous for giving Moksh (salvation) in present days it is known as chandrabani.

The Moon God which is the giver of prosperity permanently stays here. From here the Moon had received the permanent residence on the head of Lord Shiv known as Chandrashekhar. Chandrabani is also known as place of Lord Shiv.

Here there is a divya Chandra Sarovar in which people takes bath to attain highest position and attain Lord Shiv. If a person performs Shradh after his ancestors on Somvati Amavas his ancestors attain Moksh.

During Satyug for the appointment of Indra the devtas had held the meeting here in Chandrabani. Here Goddess Ganga also appeared as she was pleased with the 12 years penance of Gautam Rishi and hence it is also known as Gautam Kund from here Ganga flows from east towards west and merges into Yamuna.

Gautam Rishi's story according to ashram at Chandrabani :-

In Satyug Chandra (moon) first penanced at this place hence, this place is known as Chandrabani. During Satyug Gautam Rishi used to penance in South and Maharashtra. When he became old he thought to penance on the banks of Ganga and spent the rest of his life there to attend Moksh.

With this thought he settled down in Chandrabani with his wife Ahilya and daughter Anjana. For 12 years Gautam Rishi regularly woke up at 4:00 am and went to Haridwar to take holy bath in Ganga.

Once during that period of time Indra asked Sun as to who is the most pious and beautiful lady on the earth? The Sun answered when he rises every one puts on their clothes and continues their daily work and hence he cannot understand about who is good or bad.

After hearing this Indra called Moon and asked the same question to him. The Moon answered that in Chandrabani there resides Gautam Rishis wife Ahilya who is most beautiful and a pious (sati) lady. Indra convinced Moon to take form of Cock and wake up Gautam Rishi at 2:00 am.

On hearing the voice of Cock crowing at 2:00 am Gautam Rishi thought it is 4:00 am and went to Haridwar for holy bath in Ganga.

On seeing this Indra took form of Gautam Rishi and knocked the door of this hut. Ahilya asked as to who it was, on this Indra replied it's me. Ahilya opened the door and saw the form of Gautam Rishi and she doubted that every early morning on hearing the voice of Cock Gautam Rishi used to go for holy bath to Haridwar then, as to why today he had came back early.

Ahilya said if you are my husband come inside and if you are not my husband then your body would disperse into 100 pieces from within. On Ahilya's saying this Indra's body dispersed into 100 pieces from within and he fainted and fell down.

On seeing this, the Moon got scared and thought that he was the person to be blamed for all that has happened. The Moon carried Indra and put him on his throne where Indra lost his life. On seeing this there was havoc in Indra Lok and every one thought how Indra got killed and who killed him.

During that time Gautam Rishi reached holy river Ganga. The Goddess Ganga appeared in front of him and said who woke me up at 2:00 am, on hearing this Gautam Rishi joined his hands and said to her that every early morning 4:00 am on hearing the voice of Cock crowing he came near her for holy bath and for 12 years he is following this routine.

On hearing this Goddess Ganga said that since 12 years as he is coming near her so, now she for him will come to Chandrabani and so he can take there bath. She even said to him to immediately go back because it is 2:00 am and hence it's not the time for holy bath.

Goddess Ganga also said to Gautam Rishi that he has been cheated Moon took the form of Cock and crowed and Indra went inside his hut after he had left.
Gautam Rishi went to Chandrabani and saw there that there was spring of Ganga meaning that Goddess Ganga appeared and started to flow there.
Gautam Rishi got satisfied that Goddess Ganga was speaking truth. After this he went inside his hut and asked his wife Ahilya that who had came in the hut in his absence. On hearing this Ahilya kept quite and did not reply.

On this Gautam Rishi got furious and asked his daughter Anjana as to who has come in this absence. Anjana replied that she was also surprised that on hearing the Rooster (cock) crowing he used to go for holy bath to Haridwar then what happened now that he is here and talking to her.

On hearing this Gautam Rishi got convinced that what Goddess Ganga and Anjana said was true. He doubted Ahilyas character and accused her that she was in liver with a Devta. Gautam Rishi cursed Ahilya that she would become of stone and also cursed the Cock that no Hindu would keep him in his family and in Kalyug he would be chopped every time
He also hit the Moon with his wet dhoti and because of it the Moon still has scars.
Ahilya called her daughter Anjana and cursed her that as she had spoken against her, her child would also being shame to her. To this Anjana replied that she will not let this happen and she would do penance. After this Anjana left for south and started penance in the forest.
Ahilya joined hands in front of Gautam Rishi and told him that she had not done anything wrong and requested him to take back his curse. She also said that she had cursed the Devta who had come to the hut in his absence.
On this Gautam Rishi replied that it would take Tretayug but then Gautam Rishi felt pity on her and he removed Satyug and Dwaparyug and started Tretayug.
In Avadhpuri King Dhashrath was born. Gautam Rishi left Ahilya who was turned into stone on the way to Janakpur and went to Swarg.
After some time from the ear of Anjana, Lord Hanuman appeared. Anjana is also known as Anjni.

Gautam Rishi Temple :-
Gautam Kund, Gautam Rishi, Ahilya, Anjana and Lord Hanuman's temple is located at Chandrabani.

Following is the address and mobile number of the Mahant in Chandrabani :-
Gautam Kund,
Chandrabani, Post Office Mobewala,
Dehradun - 248 002,
Contact person Mahant Ji
Mobile :- 0091-098979 44138

Rishi Gautam's Temple at Gota :-

Temple of Rishi Gautam
Temple of Rishi Gautam

Temple of Rishi Gautam

Temple of Rishi Gautam
Rishi Gautam's ashram is situated at famous Village called Gota which is around 20 kms away from Ahmedabad (Gujarat). It is said that this village Gota was named after Rishi Gautam. Rishi Gautam lived here and developed this village from that day onwards during all hindu festivals people come to visit Gautam Rishis temple and ask for his blessings.

Rishi Gautam's Ashram (Gautamehwar) located near Sihor :-

Rishi Gautam's Ashram near Sihor
Gautam Kund near Sihor

Swayambhu Shivling at Rishi Gautam 's Ashram
Shila Lekh at Rishi Gautam's Ashram
Gautam Rishis Ashram is located 5 kilometers away from Sihor (Gujarat). Following is the story according to Gautam Rishis ashram located at Sihor.
Indra took form of Rishi Gautam and came near ahilya. When Gautam Rishi came to know about this he first gave curse to Indra and then cursed his wife Ahilya to become lifeless like a stone. Shaking in fear Ahilya requested Rishi Gautam to remove the curse which was given to her. When Rishi Gautam calmed down he told Ahilya that God Vishu will take birth as Lord Ram and when he would pass from this forest at that time her curse would be over and then I will again accept you.
After cursing Ahilya Rishi Gautam didn’t find it proper to stay at Chandrabani and he along with his disciples moved towards West direction. He wished to visit the place where moon (Chandra) had worshipped Loard Shiv and where Lord Shiv appeared as Lord Somnath in the West.
Rishi Gautam walking along with his disciples reached a beautiful place surrounded by hills. This place was so non-violent that snakes and peacocks, Lions and Deer’s stayed together and lived happily. Rishi Gautam was so impressed that he decided to make a night halt at this place.
Early in this morning he waked up and after finishing his morning routing work he went to cave on the hills to bring soil to make a Parthiv Shivling. There he saw a awesome thing that in the cave, on the snake house a cow was showering her milk on the snakes house. Rishi Gautam thought that this can happen only if there can be Shivling or a divine snake in the snake house. Rishi Gautam meditated and saw a Shivling. He immediately dug the snake house and on touching the Shivling he thought that maybe this was the Shivling which was established and worshipped by Chandra (moon) as somnath.
At that time there was a akashvani saying that O Rishi Gautam the Shivling which you have found is like a part of Somnath. You worship it and inspite of that if you want to come for my visit (darshan) at Somnath there is a hollow place here through which you can make a way to Somnath. Rishi Gautam became happy on finding the Shivling and rather then doing parthiv puja he started worshipping this Shivling.
After the akashvani every Shivratri Rishi Gautam visited Somnath through the shown tunnel.
There was a lack of water facility in this place and at the original river place Rishi Gautam summoned Varun Dev (lord of water) and requested him to appear in this form of water at the shown place by him. Rishi Gautam said to Lord Varun that this place is non-violent and pious and he wishes to stay here and worship Lord Shiv and so you also stay here.
On knowing that Ahilya’s curse was over Rishi Gautam went back to his original ashram and his disciples stayed there at Sihor and established a city. On the name of sons of Goddess Saraswati this place was previously known as Saraswat Nagar later it came to be known as Sinhpur and today it is known as Sihor.
Rishi Gautam’s founded temple and Shivling from a single stone is Swayambhu Shivalai (place of shiv), Gautam Ashram, the cave through which Rishi Gautam used to go to Somnath and the place where Lord Varun had appeared in the form of water i.e. Gautam Kund and source of water known as Gautami River is present even today.
During the month of Shravan there is a big crowd of people here and on Janmashtmi’s carnival (mela) is considered of great importance. There is also a story that any person who takes bath in the Gautam Kund and worships Lord Shiv on the hill i.e. Gautameshwar Mahadev is freed from all sins of murder.
The above mentioned story is written by the motivation of Swami Shri Jadgishshwaranand Ji and the inauguration is done by Mahant of Gautameshwar Mahadev Shri Govindgiri Ji Mahraj on Samvat 2025 Ashad Sud Beej, Monday date 17/06/1969 according to appropriate rituals.
Everything which is written above is carved on Marble at Gautameshwar Mahadev at near 5 Kilometers distance from Sihor place (Sihor is located approx. 30 kms. away from Bhavnagar. State - Gujarat : Country - India).

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