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Ageless Great Himalayan Sage Pratah Smarniya Yogiraj 1008 Sri Sri Barphani Dadaji is Sat Chit Anand Swaroop. Purity can be difined by him..Legend is that, while meditating in the Himalayas, his body was covered with snow, hence his name 'Barfani'. Yogi Raj Barfani Dada was born in the Dodi Kheda Village on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, in a royal family.His father, having no issues, had married thrice. Finally he became a disciple of Sant Dhuni Waale Dada ji of Sai Kheda. The saint blessed two of his wives and told them that they should pledge the youngest of their to-be-born sons to a saintly sect. Both the wives had two sons each, of which Barfani Dada was the youngest. Hence at the age of 8, his father took him to the Ashram of Dhuni Waale Dada ji and pledged him to the Saint. In those days , Saint Arjun Das Maharaj of Ayodhya was camping there. Dhuni Waale Dada ji put Barfani Dada under Arjun Das Maharaj's tutelage. Shri Barfani Dadaji travelled all over India with the saint. He attained knowledge of Sanskrit, Religion, Philosophy, Mathematics and Ayurveda under the tutelage of Shri Kela Brahmachari of Varanasi. Shri Barfani Dadaji then left for the Himalayas to meditate.

In the Himalayas, he visited Nepal, Ranikhet, Pithorgarh, Tibet and Mansarovar temples and engaged himself in rigorous meditation attaining rare powers. He also learnt the secrets of meditation from the saint of Gyanganj, Paramhans Phuleri Baba. In 1930, the Dadaji relinquished his old body and attained a new one through Kayakalp Vidya. Following the Chinese invasion of 1962, Dadaji left his Himalayan abode and settled down at Amarkantak temple. He chose Amarkantak temple because, it was an important pilgrimage centre where nearly 4 crore pilgrims visited every year and where Lord Shiva himself makes his presence felt in the form of the Narmada River. His Holiness Barfani Dadaji was known as Hari Dutt Dubey during his childhood years.

The very word ‘Baba’ has to the Indian mind, a unique sweet resonance evoking images of a loving mother, a protective father and a kind but strict spiritual mentor. Like Shirdi Baba and Sri Satya Sai Baba, Barphani Baba also is a centre of Divine Energy that heals physical and psychological ailments, that grants the desires of devotees only to help them reach the peace - promoting desireless state that can be ushered in when the limits and limitations of the ego are shattered.

Sri Barphani Baba is living proof that, with yogic powers, an evolved man can defy and defeat the so-called immutable biological laws of nature like growing old and becoming decrepit. The duly recorded birth day is Diwali 1792, which means that he is now two hundred and six years old. The answer of the eighty year old and ninety year old disciples of Barphani Baba to queries about Baba’s actual age is invariably, “No one knows. All we can say is that we first had darshan of Baba when we were young boys. He has not changed. He looks now exactly as he did at that time". Some claim that Baba is thousands of years old. In fact, nobody knows his real age.

Baba’s father Ramdutt Dubey was a Brahmin feudal lord living in the village Dodekoda, (District Unnan) in Uttar Pradesh. He was a good and pious man, well-liked by everyone. God gave him everything any human being can ever wish for, except children. When his first wife failed to give him any children he was advised by elders in the family to marry again and he did so. But he had no luck this time also and married a third time. When fate decreed that this should also be a barren union, the now desperate Ramdutt went with his wives to Omkareswar begged Sri Gowri Sankar Maharaj to give him the boon of children. The compassionate Baba from whom Shirdi Baba received his initiation into the spiritual path, took pity on Ramdutt and giving two whacks each to the first two wives of Ramdutt with his “brahma dandam”, the cane he carries, he blessed them and said they both would have children but that the youngest child should be given tohim to be made a sadhu. Ramdutt and his wives agreed to the condition and went home.

The Sun and the Moon may stray from their course but the words of Mahatmas never fail. In the course of time the Dubey family was blessed with four sons and the youngest, Haridutt is the saint now worshipped by devotees as Barphani baba. The boy in his eighth year was handed over to Dhunivala Baba.

A Godman named Arjundas, who had an Ashram at Ayodhya visited Saikeda at about the same time and Dhunivala Baba entrusted to him the care of child Haridutt. With Arjundas and his disciples Barphani Baba went on a tour of all the major shrines in India. He spent ten years in Benares learning Sanskrit from Vidvan Sri Kola Brahmachari. The Vidvan also gave lessons to his young disciple in Logic, Grammar and Ayurveda. After mastering these subjects Baba went to the Himalayas to do “tapas”. In the next decade he visited Nepal, Ranikhet, Pitorghad, Tibet and Manasa Sarovar and after years of intense and extremely difficult to follow spiritual practices he acquired many occult powers. Many esoteric yoga secrets were explained to him by Himalayan Masters like Languria Baba, who, living in an invisible form at Jnanganj selects eligible aspirants and imparts to them many yogic powers.

Godmen like Barphani Baba are born to accomplish a particular chosen mission in life and till they achieve that goal they have to be physically fit to endure all hardships in all sorts of climates. Keeping this in mind, Barphani Baba with the help of Siddhi Ganesh Lama of Tibet, underwent “Kaya Kalpa Chikitsa”, (a rejuvenation procedure prescribed in yoga) at the age of 136, i.e., in 1928, and manages to retain the vigour of youth even after crossing two hundred and six. Barphani Baba himself told some of the Ashramites that Puleria Baba taught this rejuvenation technique to him, to Ganesh Lama, to Dr. Rambhaji and to many others including some Godmen who are now residing in Australia. Even today he initiates Buddhist Lamas into several orders. Sri Baba is an adept in Lama Vidya (travelling in air with the physical body,) and Khanda Vidya (separatingparts of body and again connecting them).

One of Barphani Baba’s disciples, Moni Baba heads the Ashram at the remote village ‘Ram mandir’ in Gujarat had the good fortune of receiving this rejuvenation from the hands of his master.

Chief among the many Ashrams of Barphani Baba is the Ashram at Amarkantak on the banks of the holy river Narmada. Baba chose this place because four crore evolved souls reside here in invisible form. Sri Hanuman and Sri Aswatthama are among the regular visitants to this place. It is only the merit accrued from many previous lives, combined with a highly evolved Guru’s grace that allows one access to this Ashram located in breath takingly beautiful surroundings. The towering mountains all round it, the pure air fragrant with incense, camphor and the scent of rare medicinal plants like ‘Gulebakavali’ have rightly made it the centre for Baba’s many instructional courses in such incredible subjects as coming out of the body to enter a dead person’s body, learning the secret of eternal youth, mastering the ability for astral travel, the technique of walking across water, the science of awakening the kundalini and so on.

Baba’s second major ashram is located in Indore. Here the idols of Mother Tripura Sundari, Bagla Mukhi are installed. Sri Ramayan Das, a disciple of Barphani Baba, looks after ashram known also for the reasearch centre for medicine. With the knowledge of Vedic herbs taught here aspirants have cured people suffering from many life-threatening diseases like cancer. Plans are afoot here to establish a research centre for hitherto unravelled secrets of occultism and ancient yogic practices.

It is beyond human comprehension to know anything about the ‘sensors’ used by Godmen to pick up channels through whom their mission of world welfare would be carried out. It is a matter of rejoicing for us that Master EK was most definitely one such Godman. It is only his grace that enabled a few of his disciples to spend ten days in Barphani Baba’s Ashram. Baba’s sending through them a “Meru” and a ‘Salagram’ to be installed in the shrine room of Sri MRL, one of Master EK’s closest disciples (a favour Sri MRLearned for his devout and affectionate nature, profound scholarship and dedication to the cause of implementing Master EK’s teachings) shows that our lives are an open book to Godmen and events are not accidents but fruition of the Divine will manifesting through these pure hearted brothers. 

Sri MRL, used as he was to receiving visitors at all odd hours of the day and night seeking his advice for medical or astrological problems was astonished to find a young lady Ms.Anuradha Bindal, from Raipur, knocking on his door and informing him that Barphani Baba had sent her to him to receive advanced instruction in astrology and other occult subjects. She also told him that all she was told was to go to Visakhapatnam and meet Mr. MRL and that her faith in Barphani Baba helped her to locate his address from among the hundreds of others in the city who bore the same name as MRL.

Godmen’s lives abound in miracles or at least what we in our as yet unenlightened state consider miracles, though to the Godmen performing them they are natural occurrences normal in the dimension of the reality of the sixth sense.

The miracle of Barphani Baba reported to Sri MRL concerned the experience of Ms.Bindal's parents. As a teenager, her father, a contractor was a devotee of Baba. But later on in life, caught up in the rat race of modern day living he stopped meeting Baba. He got married. One day when he was away and his wife was all alone in the bungalow, she came across an old calendar carrying a portrait of Lord Vishnnu. As she gazed at the picture it seemed to come to life. The next minute, to her utter surprise a strikingly divine looking old man with a flowing beard emanated out of the picture and stood before her. She was too overawed to speak and the old man told her that her husband was once his disciple and that he wanted him to come and meet him as he had an important piece of advice to pass on to him. Saying this he vanished.

The contractor’s wife immediately phoned to her husband to come home urgently. When he came she asked him if he had a Guru in his younger days. He thought for some time and replied “Yes. His name was Barphani Baba”. She then asked him to describe hisGuru. He described Baba exactly matching the old man she had seen earlier. She recounted everything that happened. They spent a sleepless night wondering where and how they could meet Baba because he left no address and the contractor, being out of touch with Baba for nearly fifteen years, had no idea where he could be found.

Next morning through an amazing coincidence, in a newspaper wrapped round something they bought, they found a brief mention of a mysterious Sadhu creating a sensation in a nearby village by his astounding occult powers. The photograph printed along with the news report was that of Barphani Baba! That evening the couple went to the village to seek Baba’s blessings. Gently chiding the contractor for forgetting everything he was taught about sadhana, Baba suggested to him a solution to a financial problem that had been weighing on his mind and they vouched to Mr. MRL, based on their experience that the love with which Baba looks after the welfare of his devotees is a thousand times more intense than that of one’s own mother.

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