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DEVRAHA BABA at Vrindaban

Devraha Baba was a siddha who lived for over 250 years, before entering samadhi in 1989. So elderly was he that the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, more than fifty years ago, said that his father had sat at the feet of Devraha Baba as a child - that is, in the middle of the nineteenth century - and Devraha Baba was already elderly at that time. Devraha Baba never took food, and never set foot on the ground. He lived in a unique hut that was raised off the ground by bamboo poles.

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Sri Devraha Baba has been respected as a Satguru and is symbolic of the rich tradition of yoga and saintly devotion inherent in India. His age is an unsolved mystery and there is no evidence of Baba’s birth and progress of life.

He is not only considered the Idol by many but is also someone who has sought salvation. Baba is a symbol of the divine and rare power of God himself. He is omnipresent like the Almighty. With his profound knowledge and firm resolution he can accomplish almost anything. He has true determination and his will is God’s will. This deep knowledge and power can be imparted only by a Guru to his disciples.
Baba’s disciples come from all walks of life and have worshiped and revered him in various forms, sometimes in the form of Hanuman and at other times in the form of Lord Siva. Baba’s grace has been bestowed not only upon Indians, but also on people from many countries abroad. Its well known that the God possess the power to influence the thoughts and actions of their disciples and these disciples then take birth in accordance to the wishes of their Guru in order to serve Him and spread His message and teachings. The two Maharajjis – Devdasji (Bade Sarkar) and Ramsevakdasji (Chotte Sarkar) have also taken physical existence due to Baba’s wishes. They were the only ones who were in such close contact with Baba, no one other than them was allowed to even approach Baba’s hermitage. They are an embodiment of all the sacred powers of Baba and their staunch devotion to Sri Devraha Baba, renunciation at a very early age, rigid abstinence from worldly pleasures and mystical visions of Baba all go on to reflect the tremendous spiritual strength of the two Maharajjis.

Baba imparted his Brahma gyan - Divine Knowledge – to his two disciples and by doing so he helped to keep up the traditions of yoga sadhana and salvation in India. These two disciples of Baba have over the years acquired infinite powers through deep meditation and unremitting efforts that were not weakened by momentary failures and are now revered as embodiments of the serene beauty of thought and action, knowledge and moral excellence. Their actions are characterized by surpassing humanity and ethical commitment and they impart the knowledge imbibed by them from their Guru to all and preach the principles to attain salvation.

In 1986 Sri Devraha Baba settled permanently on the banks of the river Yamuna in Vrindavan after leaving Devaria. In order to protect and bestow his blessings upon his devotees, Baba decided to transform himself to that divine form, which though not physically present, would work to shield one and all from the devastating consequences of the inevitable changes in Nature that are to take place in the next few years. Baba at this point of time imparted knowledge about the rituals and rites to be performed for his Mahasamadhi and other important duties to serve the mankind during the period of change and turmoil. He preached the importance of religion, karma and humanity. He also showed his two able disciples the divine path to attain God by having strict fidelity to the divine law. Baba also taught his disciples some secret mantras which when chanted by them would help to communicate with him. The Divya Jyoti (Divine Light) which has been installed by Baba at the Divya Machan (Sri Devraha Baba’s Mahasamadhi in Vrindavan) symbolizes the power and strength of Baba himself and is deeply worshipped by Maharajjis. Before entrusting himself to this flame he showered his blessings upon Maharaj Devdasji, his devoted disciple, by marking Maharajji’s forehead with his right foot thumb and entrusted Maharaj Ramsevakdasji to his special care.
 The divine grace and blessings bestowed by a Guru upon his devotees can be received only by a chosen few, who have been able to overcome the barriers of sins and selfish motives for the attainment of peace. It is very difficult to find a guru and receive his blessings and grace. The basic elements of a Guru are present everywhere as there is no difference between the powers of a Guru and God. The sacred power and mysticism of a Guru can be felt just by paying homage to him or by absorbing his teachings. The ‘guru-mantra’ embodies all the powers of the element of a guru which enlighten the life of a person.
The absolute knowledge can be attained only when it is given by a Guru to his devotees. Just like the word ‘fire’ written on a paper cannot cause a raging fire, in the same way profound knowledge cannot be imbibed only from books. It can be granted only by a Sadguru to his disciples.
 ‘Gu’ stands for darkness and ‘ru’ stands for lead In the words of Kabirdasji – ‘Guru and God possess similar powers and it is in vain to try to distinguish one from the other. The ultimate goal is to reach God and it is only the Guru who can help in reaching the Supreme One. It is thus sinful not to worship the Guru as God Almighty Himself. Thus the Will of a Guru should be accepted as the Will of God, and the Guru shields his disciples from pain and suffering and his powers can be felt even when God himself is displeased. But when the Guru is displeased there is no other power that can protect and shield the disciples.’
Sadguru Sri Devraha Baba is venerated as a Supreme Power and the divine knowledge imparted by him to his two devoted disciples Maharaj Devdasji and Maharaj Ramsevakdasji is now being imbibed by one and all.

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I have strong belief in God, I want to spend my whole life in His bhakti but for the survival I need to live in between people, I didnt marry, I left my home and staying in a rental room , I like to live a simple life, I sing bhajans loudly as I always wanted but at home I couldnt do that, there was not any peace , but at here , place is peaceful , and I talk to my goddess .. I feel that I am living in Her home, She is taking care of me. She loves me..