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This is the great avatar Babaji. An avatar is a great spiritual being beyond human limitations. Babaji guides from a distance, is rarely seen and usually remains invisible. Babaji appeared one day as a man of some twenty years of age and is currently over 2000 years old. He still looks the same as seen in the picture. He is usually seen in the Himalayas.

Born : 203 AD


Mahaavatar Kriya Babaji was born during the "festival of lights" (Kartikai Deepam), at the end of November, (when the star Rohini was in its ascendancy) in 203 A.D. The festival occurs on the night before the new moon during the Tamil month of Kartikai. His birth occurred in Tamil Nadu, in a small village at the juncture of the Cauvery River and the Arabian Sea (presently, the seaport town Porto Novo), on the southeast coast of India. The time of his birth was auspicious and indicated the advent of a divine being. His parents gave him the name "Nagaraj", or "King of Serpents" to honor the great primordial life force of "kundalini shakti".

Babaji was kidnapped at the age of five by a Pathan and taken north to Dacca, presently in Bangladesh, and later released. Thereafter, he wandered with religious mendicants till the age of eleven. During this time, he migrated to Benaras where he rose to be a Sanskrit scholar. Discontent with his early success, he sailed by boat to the shrine of Katarigama on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. For eighteen months he plunged into such contemplation (meditation) where he could analyze different philosophical systems.

During this period, he met his gurus, the great siddha saints Boganathar and Agastyar. With their blessings and guidance, he attained enlightenment at the age of 12 and physical immortality at the age of 16. He has remained in the same body near Badrinath in the Himalayas ever since then.

Babaji's mission is to assist humanity in realizing God. With God realization humanity will develop the Universal Vision of Love, which can transform this world into a Divine Paradise. His mission has also been to assist the work of spiritual teachers around the world. His disciples have included Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th century, the great reformer of Hinduism, the saint Kabir who united Hindus and Muslims at the beginning of the 16th century, Lahiri Mahasaya in the 19th, Brahmarishi Barfani Dadaji in the 19th and 20th centuries and Jagadguru Ramanandacharyaji at present, among many others. Like others in the famed 18 Siddha tradition of south India,Babaji has surrendered his entire being, even the consciousness of the cells of his physical body to the Divine. After experiencing "union" with God or the ultimate Reality in this creation, these Siddhas experienced the transformation of their intellectual, mental, vital and physical bodies into divinity. The spiritual attainment of the 18 Siddhas and Babaji has been because of the grace of God (whom the Siddhas called Shiva, Muruga, Vishnu or Shakti) and the Kriyas or techniques used by them to prepare their gross bodies for the descent of the Divinity. Collectively, the techniques are known as "Kriya Yoga Siddhantham", which means, the practical yoga techniques that bring about final perfection in the realization of God or the ultimate Truth.

He lives with a small circle of disciples, but some of his greatest disciples are working in the world. His mission continues to manifest itself through the work of all who turn to him as their source of inspiration, as well as those who express pure love in thought, word and deed. Babaji is present wherever there is divine love. With their first initiation, the disciples learn to communicate with Babaji, and then transform their lives. Then they go and help resolve humanity's myriad, debilitating problems. The great vehicles of his mission are sadhana (the five fold path of Kriya Yoga), self-surrender of the limiting ego-consciousness, and selfless service


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